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The Slender Man's Wife

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PostSubject: Rules   Sat Aug 14, 2010 12:02 am

1. No swear words except damn and hell while posting.
2. No double posting (unless its your dorm room).
3. No being annoying. Seriously.
4. No powerplaying/Nyx god-modingness.
5. No spam or advertising in the cbox or in posts.
6. No taking other peoples ideas of characters.
7. No mary/gary-stus.
8. You cant have a character with an affinity unless special permission by me or you bought it.
9. You can't have more than one account - you will have both accounts banned immediately if caught.
10. Always use full words while posting - absolutely NO text speak.
11. Listen to people ranked higher than you.
12. The limit of characters you may have at one time is 10. Special exceptions may be made.
13. Only admins can post as Nyx, teachers and canon characters.
14. Use edit if you mess up in a post, other than re-posting it.
15. No giving out personal information. I can't really do anything about this one if you want to, but be safe, kay?
16. No pestering admins to approve your charrie form, we allow asking nicely ONCE. We will get to it.
17. Absolutely NO calling me Arden. You can call me Demi, or Dv, or some other nickname, BUT NOT ARDEN.
18. No characters with the same affinity.
19. No racism, politcally incorrect terms, LGBT hating, or any hating in general.


1st offense = warning.

2nd offense = banned from the chatbox.

3rd offense = banned from the chatbox and personal messaging.

4th offense = banned from the site for a week.

5th offesne = deletion of your account.
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