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The Slender Man's Wife

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PostSubject: Store!   Sat Aug 14, 2010 12:38 am

Okay guys! If you didnt know this, every time you post you get coins; 1 per pm, 2 per normal post, 3 per subject. And with those coins you can buy specific things for either yourself or for your characters~

~ 200 Coins to change your name (it can be changed randomly for free if im bored (:< ).

~ 700 coins for your character to be a dark daughter/son ).

~ 1000 coins for an extra character (5 more at max).

~ 2000 coins for a red vampire.

~ 3000 coins for an affinity (not spirit, fire, air, water, and earth).

~ 5500 coins for an affinity for 1 of the 5 elements.

~ 10000 coins for a canon characters (Stevie Rae, Zoey, Shaunee, Erin, others)

~ 100000 coins for immortality (character is never able to die, nor do they age.)

SO! To get one of these amazing features for sale, you must simple personal message one of the admins of the site. To let us know that you have read the rules, you must put the subject of the PM as Plurf.


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