Enter the world of night, will you survive?
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 Saffire Lynie Eve

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PostSubject: Saffire Lynie Eve   Mon Aug 23, 2010 6:06 pm

Name: Saffire Lynie Eve

Gender: girl

Age: 10 but acts like shes 16

Description: likes to wear alot of black

Country/State of Origin:

Parents: No one knows!

Former: 1st year former

Flaws*: thinsk shes older then she is, CRAZY, doesnt like kids her age, hates life, Shes evil.

Talents/Skills: good at basketball and writing stories.

Affinity: If someone touches her, they get a volt of electricty threw them. Sometimes if shes super duper angry she can threw electricity at people. Only usable and night

Pets: A black owl names Nightlight.

Biography**: Grew up in a orphan inch since she was 3. Kids all thought she was weird, Saffire was involved with Witchcraft anfd what not. She likeed to cast spells alot, it didnt work well. Anyways When she was 9 and 3 and 1/2 quarters she was marked by some creepy dude. Her orphan inch lady finally and happy to get rid of her sent her to the House of Night, ON HER FREAKING BIRTHDAY.

RP Example**: When I was in bed some dude came in and marked me. My eyes widend and my head hurt. I passed out then awoke. I was finally ten years old and my head felt like crap. I yawned then my bed neighbor person looekd at me wide eyed then screamd. "VAMPYRE!!" I looekd around the room then passed out agian.
I woke up in the clinic of the HON.

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Hammah Rozz Bieber

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PostSubject: Re: Saffire Lynie Eve   Mon Aug 23, 2010 6:09 pm

She has chubby cheeks and shes a creeper looking girl


Approved :p

OH YEAH, and her mentor is Pyralis

Pyralis, High Priestess, Fire Affinity
Danielle, 5th Former, Electricity Affinity
Kat, 6th Former, Mind Affinity

~Go ahead. Pass me in the hallways and pretend like I don't exist. I really hope every singing freaking time we make eye contact, you relive every memory we've every had. And I hope it hurts. Bad.</3

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Saffire Lynie Eve
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