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 I'm Bored...So a New Charrie

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Hammah Rozz Bieber

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PostSubject: I'm Bored...So a New Charrie   Sat Aug 28, 2010 7:02 pm

Name: Drake

Gender: male
Age: 16
Description(eyes, hair, height, body..ex: muscular, skinny, fat, skin tone):
Country/State of Origin: Ohio, USA
Parents: Nick and Mary

Former: 5th former
Flaws*: bad temper, not really a nice person...but is at the same time, not that outgoing but has friends
Talents/Skills: plays guitar and piano, good fighter, skate boards awesomely
Affinity: none
Pets: none

Biography**: Drake grew up in a suburb outside of Cleveland, Ohio. He wasn't really loved by his parents. Drake didn't spend much time in school. He barely passed all of his grades. One day, he was practicing for his band in his garage. He heard a noise outside in the woods. Him and his friends ventured out there. It was a tracker...all of his other friends ran. Drake tried, but the tracker caught him. He was marked. Drake got a horrible headache and got dizzy. He passed out in the woods for the next day. When he woke up, he wobbeled into his house. His parents were very thoughtful about him being marked. They finally decided to take him to the best known House of Night, in Tulsa..

RP Example**: I walked into the dining hall and saw my friends. I skipped through the line for food and went to sit by them. "What's up guys?" They replied with 'nothings.' I looked around. A hott girl walked in. I elbowed the person sitting next to me. "Ten." I rated her. Typically, this is what we did everyday at lunch. . .
Notes: yeah, i suck at rp-ing as a guy :p

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Kat, 6th Former, Mind Affinity

~Go ahead. Pass me in the hallways and pretend like I don't exist. I really hope every singing freaking time we make eye contact, you relive every memory we've every had. And I hope it hurts. Bad.</3

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The Slender Man's Wife

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PostSubject: Re: I'm Bored...So a New Charrie   Sat Aug 28, 2010 7:52 pm

APPROVEDEDEDEDED!!!! ED! Mentor tissssssssssssss...... professore garmy!

Nychta - High priestess of Nyx - Spirit and Emotions
Poppet Stanley - 5th Former

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I'm Bored...So a New Charrie
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