Enter the world of night, will you survive?
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 A New Charrie Again...yes, Because I'm Bored! d:

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Hammah Rozz Bieber

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PostSubject: A New Charrie Again...yes, Because I'm Bored! d:    Thu Sep 23, 2010 11:11 pm

Name: Ariana

Gender: Female
Age: 16
Country/State of Origin: Britian...England...whatever it is d:
Parents: Bob and Mary

Former: 5th
Flaws*: is nice but mean, likes to cause trouble, doesn't like to think about her past (see biography), is afraid of certain people...as in...like, creepy people
Talents/Skills: plays the piano AMAZINGLY and is a great singer
Affinity: hmm.....none. but i might be changing this when i think of something good d:
Pets: none

Biography**: Ariana grew up with bad parents and a horrible older brother. Her parents got drunk all the time with the most expensive wine. Her older brother did drugs and drunk behind her parents back. To this day, Ariana freaks when there is wine around. Anyways, when Ariana was fourteen, she had an older boyfriend. He was almost two years older than her and seemed perfect at first. Well, one night at a party, he started drinking. And then heh did bad things to Ariana. She tried to get a way, but he wouldn't let her. She finally broke away. Ariana ran all the way home, which was a LONG ways away. She collapsed on her bed and it just so happened her brother heard her. He came into her room and started beating her. That night, she was was marked. The tracker actually took her to the House of Night in Tulsa. She was so glad to get away from her old life...now she forgets everything about it and lives happily...^.^

RP Example**: I walked into my dorm room. I sat on the soft, comfy bedspread. Black with rainbow dots on it. I smiled at it. I went to my computer and checked my email. There was one reminding about a project due tomorrow...and one from someone I didn't know. "Who the Hell is this?" I muttered to myself. I read the email and frowned. "Whatever." I said. I went and layed down to take a nap.

Notes: she has an English accent and she's really smart Very Happy

and shel ikes to flirt d:

Pyralis, High Priestess, Fire Affinity
Danielle, 5th Former, Electricity Affinity
Kat, 6th Former, Mind Affinity

~Go ahead. Pass me in the hallways and pretend like I don't exist. I really hope every singing freaking time we make eye contact, you relive every memory we've every had. And I hope it hurts. Bad.</3

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A New Charrie Again...yes, Because I'm Bored! d:
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