Enter the world of night, will you survive?
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 Geordon Maxwells

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PostSubject: Geordon Maxwells   Mon Feb 21, 2011 8:23 pm

Name: Geordon Maxwells (George)


Age: 15

Description(eyes, hair, height, body..ex: muscular, skinny, fat, skin tone):

Country/State of Origin: United States

Parents: Lea and Andrew Maxwells

Former: 5th

Flaws*: Is afraid of guys, has bad memory, very bipolar, afraid to be touched but men, gets scared of loud noises, afraid of anything like a rat/mouse/bat/chipmunk and all.... and she blushes alottttttttttttttt

Talents/Skills: Run really fast

Affinity: Air

Pets: A little kitten named Wiskey

Biography**: Geordon never thought anything happy. Her father, two step brothers and step mother all liked to be mean to her. They hurt her physically and emotionaly. She was a lesbian and everyone knew it. When she was 7 she started cutting and stuff. She had other type problems. When George was 10 a tracker came and marked her. She then headed to the House of Night.

RP Example**: I walked around the courtyard, very bored. "There's the lebo." I heard some people said. I heard that and fell to the grown crying. I layed there for about an hour, the crawled to my cabin. I layed on my bunk for awhile, then heard a noise. I sceamed and fainted.

Notes: I was permitted my Demi/DV/Adren/Raibow/other namesss.... To have an affinity Razz

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PostSubject: Re: Geordon Maxwells   Mon Feb 21, 2011 8:25 pm

This is trueeee she has permission. So APPROVEDEDEDED

Her mentor is Nychta, and her roomate is Rawr ^^

Nychta - High priestess of Nyx - Spirit and Emotions
Poppet Stanley - 5th Former

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Geordon Maxwells
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