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 Charrie Cause Demi Told Me To Make One o:

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Hammah Rozz Bieber

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PostSubject: Charrie Cause Demi Told Me To Make One o:   Fri Feb 25, 2011 9:47 pm

Name: Kat Valentyne

Gender: Female
Age: 15
Description(eyes, hair, height, body..ex: muscular, skinny, fat, skin tone): red hair, green eyes, 5'2", skinny, pale.. ish.
Country/State of Origin: California
Parents: Karl and Natalie Valentyne

Former: 6th
Flaws*: tends to get hyper out of no where, says random stuff, and is very clumsy, is afraid of boxes, styrofoam, and bubble... VERY AFRAID! (see Biography)
Talents/Skills: Sings, acts (she's REALLY REALLY good),
Affinity: She can read minds! o:
Pets: A fluffy black cat named Puff (the name is for... Justin o:)

Biography**: Kat grew up with her parents and little sister. She was very random and stuff. She went to a school for talented kids. She went there for acting and singing. She is really good at both. When she was in 8th grade, she was marked and shipped away in a box (with those styrofoam things) to the House Of Night in Tulsa. Oh, in the box, she was also bubble rapped. When she got to the HON, it ended up that she had an affinity to read minds. And. Yeah. Then Puff came and claimed her as him's. Yeah.

RP Example**: I skipped around my room singing "LA LA LA LA LAAAAAAAA! I LOVE PIEEEEEEEEEEEE! PIE IS GOOOD! APPLES ARE READ FROM THE TREE!!!!!!!" I made up this song off the top of my mind. I decided to write it down! MWAHAHAHAHA. I grabbed my pink sparkly gel pen and a piece of paper and wrote down the words I just sang. "This is gonna be a hit one day..." I muttered to myself. "MWAHAHHAHAA! DRAGONS ARE COOL!" I shouted. Then I fell asleep.

Notes: she's random. if you haven't noticed. Very Happy
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The Slender Man's Wife

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PostSubject: Re: Charrie Cause Demi Told Me To Make One o:   Fri Feb 25, 2011 9:52 pm


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Charrie Cause Demi Told Me To Make One o:
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